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Three mature female riders sit on bay horses in a semi circle. The horses are on a sand arena and in front of the semi circle is a female coach in navy blue demonstrating a riding position.

The adult group lessons at Parklands Stables are for riders who can walk, trot and canter with control. They're a safe, social, supportive environment for adult riders to enjoy time with horses and gently extend their skills and confidence. 


Riders in our groups are matched thoughtfully in terms of their riding level, goals and horses. Groups are capped at 5 to make sure everyone gets plenty of feedback and fun. Riders in our groups are welcome to ride our school horses or bring their own. 

We offer you an individual lesson to start with, so that we can match you with the right horse or get to know your horse if you're bringing your own. This also gives you the opportunity to meet us and see if Parklands Stables is the right fit for you.

After that you can try group lessons with Taster Package of 3, before we ask you to commit to the blocks of 6 we sell to our regular weekly riders. Click on the 'More Weekly Lesson Information' button below to find out why we sell our weekly lessons in blocks of 6.


If  don't feel quite ready for a group lesson, or you're coming back to riding after a break, we'll happily support you with individual lessons until you feel confident.

COST: Weekday $100 (1.5 hours)

           Weekend $120 (1.5 hours)


Our Taster Package is a 3 week trial block so that you can see if weekly group lessons with us are right for you. 

COST: $300

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