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Three mature female riders sit on bay horses in a semi circle. The horses are on a sand arena and in front of the semi circle is a female coach in navy blue demonstrating a riding position.

We make sure all riders in our groups are well matched in terms of their riding level, goals and horses. Groups are capped at 5 so that everyone gets plenty of feedback and support. Riders can move groups if they want dial the level of challenge up or down. 


Riders in our groups can ride our school horses or bring their own. 


Some groups like to have small goals, such as an in class dressage competition or a show jumping display for family and friends. If you can think of it we'll try to make it happen!

Other groups just want to take things as they come and see how they feel on the day. That's fine too.

To join our groups you need to be able to walk, trot and canter with control. We'd appreciate it if you have an individual lesson to start with so that we can suggest the best group for you.  


If you really like the idea of riding with a group and you don't feel you're quite ready, or you're coming back to riding after a break, we'll happily support you with individual lessons until you feel confident.

Riders are welcome to ride and go, however if you have the time you're welcome to have a tea or coffee on us after the lesson.



COST: Weekday $110 (1.5 hours)

           Weekend $125 (1.5 hours)


Our Taster Package is a 3 week trial block so that you can see if weekly lessons with us are right for you. You'll have 3 individual lessons and the opportunity to watch a group lesson. 

COST: $330

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