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We’re excited about welcoming the Wholesome Playgroup to 833 Greenhills Rd, Berrima, and hope you have a wonderful morning. The following information will make your visit comfortable and safe. Please take the time to read it carefully to ensure you and your child can participate in all the opportunities offered on the day.


Our insurers require everyone entering the property at our invitation to sign our waiver. You’ll need to sign an over 18’s waiver for yourself and an under 18’s waiver for your child. These can be completed by using the link below. If you haven’t signed our waivers before you arrive, we’ll need you to do that on your phone before you park, which may delay others in the queue behind you who are also waiting to park.



833 Greenhills Rd is a working farm with large animals, machinery and electric fences. For safety reasons, wandering the property outside the areas designated for Wholesome Play is not permitted. These areas will be pointed out to you when you arrive.



You may see horses when you enter and leave the property and as you come and go from the toilet. For both your safety, and the horses safety, no interaction with horses is permitted. Under no circumstances should you attempt to feed a horse with grass or any other kind of food. Even if you have experience with horses we appreciate your respect of this request.



We’d love to introduce your little ones to a small pony named Rosie. To do this we’ll need children to be wearing enclosed shoes. If we have a helmet that fits, and the child is happy to wear it, they may approach Rosie under our supervision. If we don’t have a helmet small enough the child may interact with Rosie from your arms. In this case we’d need you to have enclosed shoes on also. Interactions with Rosie will be short so that everyone can have a turn, and will depend on the child's confidence. We will not be offended in any way if some children choose not to interact with Rosie. She won't mind either.


Parking is limited on the farm. To accommodate the number of cars expected some people will be parked in until others have left. If you think you may need to leave early, please arrive 5 mins late so that you park last.

Under no circumstances is parking on any grass permitted. We’d love to be able to work with groups such as Wholesome Playgroup in the future and your respect of the property owners wishes regarding parking will help us achieve that goal.



  • Park where we ask you to and not on the grass

  • Don’t interact with any horses (except Rosie)

  • Keep to your designated area

  • Ensure both you and your child are wearing enclosed shoes

  • Make sure you sign all waivers before you arrive

833 Greenhills Rd,


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