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The Parklands Stables is proud to support


Horse Rescue Australia Inc. is a non-profit organisation and registered charity, devoted to the care and rehabilitation of horses that have been abused, abandoned or neglected. The horses come to us via a few means; surrendered by the owner, and seized/rescued horses from authorities such as the RSPCA and the Animal Welfare League. We are self-funded through memberships, sponsorships, donations and benefit events. We also have regular fundraising activities, such as an annual Open Day, 2nd hand gear sale, calendar and other merchandise sales, and at times a stall at local events.

All this work is accomplished by a volunteer care-taker and small committee, with help from generous members of the public who volunteer. HRA receives no government funding.

Since HRA began in 1986 over 1,500 horses have passed through our gates with the vast majority placed into new caring homes. By supporting the new owners, not allowing horses to be sold on and accepting horses back when owners can no longer care for them we are able to ensure that they will never return to the situation and conditions that led them to need rescuing.

 We need donations, memberships, and sponsorships constantly - this is the only way the horses can get the care, feed, vet services, medicines, rugs, etc that they need and deserve.

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