We couldn't do what we do without these wonderful professionals and as we believe in sharing we want to let you know about our amazing team.

Emergency & Holiday Relief


Paws N Whiskers Pet Care Services

These guys have saved us so many times, especially in our first few months of trading. They are so flexible, skilled, reliable and just really good at their work. Whether it's being the only person who cares for your horses that day, or relieving for a valued team member who is unwell or on holiday, we believe you won't do better.


They're all over feeding, rugging,  moving and medicating horses and will let you know straight away if they arrive and find any issues. Even 31 year old Winnie, with her years of experience at out manoeuvring people, didn't stand a chance. They had her number on day one.


We've trusted them with our whole business and they didn't let us down.  


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Our farrier keeps our horses comfortable, sound and ensures continuity of income for our business.  We thought long and hard about who we'd invite to perform this critical service for The  Parklands  Stables. 

Highly recommended, Matt Bilderbeck has never let us down. The horses love him,  he arrives on time, is super efficient and produces a uniformly quality product. He's also helped us solve a few interesting challenges.  

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Stock Feed Supply


These guys rock. Great prices, amazing hay and outstanding service.  They always do what they say they're going to do so we can relax and know our horses will always have the quality feed they need when they need it.

They're a hard working, creative team who've supported us as a new business with valuable mentoring  around feed and feed storage solutions. 

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