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Horse Selection

Our horses are carefully selected for their willingness to work and desire to engage with people. Our team are all very social and enjoy the stimulus of meeting new people and having a range of experiences. They are kind, gentle and calm. Our horses adjust to each rider and are experienced teachers. 

Horse Education

We maintain our horses education with weekly schooling.  This ensures bad habits don't develop and our horses continue to be engaged and willing.

Regular schooling also enables coaches to examine a horses movement closely. If an equine chiropractor or physiotherapist is needed we'll notice as soon as possible.

In addition to schooling, our horses experience is extended with a variety of enrichment activities.

We keep a consistent routine so that our horses feel safe and understand what's required of them.

Horse Feed

Our horses diets are as healthy as possible. They live on pasture, enjoy good quality hay and hard feed as required for their workload, build and age.

Horses Feet

A farrier sees our horses every 5 - 6 weeks to ensure their feet are well trimmed and healthy. Most of our horses wear front shoes to support their hooves. Our riding surfaces are such that back shoes are not necessary.  Little Rosie goes barefoot.

Horse Accomodation

Our horses live in fields in small friend groups.  

If you see one of our team in a yard it'll be because he's new, visiting, or we need to take him off the pasture for a period of time. This is usually for weight management and the horse will have low sugar hay available in a net in his shelter.  

If you see a horse in a stable she'll be there because she's waiting for a farrier, a vet, is unwell and being treated, or is being observed as we are concerned about a health issue.  

Horse Workload

Our horses give only two 60 minute lessons a day or the equivalent.  They have Mondays off and are given additional time off when they tell us they need it. This is usually 2 - 3 times a year.


Our horses don't leave the property for their holidays as they already live in lovely fields with friends.



Horse Checks

We groom our horses and clean their feet cleaned before and after every lesson or ride, and our riders participate in this process too. This interaction enables us to ensure the horse is fit for work and will be comfortable while working. Our coaches explain the rationale behind each part of grooming and tacking up for beginning riders.


It's not enough for tack to be clean and in good repair. Tack must also be comfortable for both horse and rider and suitable for the propose for which it's being used. An ill fitting saddle or the wrong bit can create a lot of stress for horses. At worst ill fitting tack can cause pain. Our tack is always well maintained, clean and well fitted for horse and rider.

Personal Protective Equipment

Unfortunately in Australia the most dangerous sport you can participate in is an equestrian sport. While there's a lot of information available about how to mitigate these risks, such strategies don't work unless they're used. We are unapologetic about our commitment to risk minimisation. 

Our staff and riders wear helmets and boots whenever they interact with a horse, ridden or on the ground. Our riders are taught safe ground handling and riding techniques and supported to form a relationship with the horse so that they are able to discern if something isn't right. 


All our equipment is safe and well maintained and we use FEI safety cups for our show jumps. 


We control our riding environment carefully and continually inspect for hazards. The arena is harrowed weekly.  People accompanying riders are required to stay in the waiting area, or to accompany the coach to the arena where they are seated in a safe place.




We use multimodal learning techniques so that all our riders can learn in the way that works best for them. Our lessons are always planned, but we're flexible because we know everyone (including horses) has good days and challenging days. Weather can also influence what's possible in a lesson.

We have 5 defined levels of beginner rider learning. These levels include milestones to assist beginner riders to map their learning journey.  They also point to what comes next, so there's always something wonderful to look forward to.

For riders who can walk, trot and canter with control, we offer social riding groups, individual lessons to support particular areas in which you wish to grow, and as much or as little challenge as you need. You're welcome to learn with our show jumps, canter track, working equitation course and arena. If you're interested in experiences that are off site we can work towards facilitating those also.

Our coaches are experienced and astute and they're also kind. Learning at The Parklands Stables is a collaborative undertaking, as we listen to your thoughts, feelings and goals. We work with you to ensure that your journey with us is affirming and rewarding.  No judgement.  No pressure.  Ever.

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