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Our beginner lessons are for 5 - 10 year olds who have started their Primary School education. 


Children assist their coach to catch the pony or put the pony back in the field. They also assist with grooming and tacking up before riding. 

Families receive a booklet containing the learning outcomes for each of the 5 levels of our Beginner Rider courses. These outcome are ticked off in the booklet as they're achieved. The booklet serves as a record of your child's achievement, guides your family about what's coming next and makes your child's learning visible. Once the Beginner Rider levels have been completed the next series of goals will be negotiated between the coach and the family around the needs of the young rider. 


Our children's beginner lessons are individual.


Duration: 30 minutes

Cost: $70 weekdays $75 weekends


For Advanced children's lessons please call or email to discuss.

0484 240 648 or

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